Learn about the Phlebotomy Staffing Industry!

Who needs Phlebotomists?

Doctors, labs, clinic, hospitals, even research organizations and health insurance companies can use phlebotomists.

What is a Phlebotomy Agency?

A Phlebotomy Staffing Agency is a company that places qualified phlebotomists with the organizations that need them.

How can a staffing company help?

Phlebotomy Staffing Companies have thousands of phlebotomists ready to go. No need to try an find them on your own.

Why can't I hire a Phlebotomist directly?

Can't I find my own phlebs?

Of course. Go ahead. Using websites like Monster, Indeed or Careerbuilder, you'll spend $350 and up, just to post the job. You'll still have to read resumes, conduct interviews, credential, hire and onboard them. If you need someone for just a single visit or just for a day, it is never time and cost effective to go through that lengthy process. Being the smart person you are, call a Phlebotomy Staffing Company like Phlebotek and let them do it for you.

What about working for a Phlebotomy Staffing company?

Ever think about working for an agency?

Let's be real. Everyone wants a cushy, full-time job. Phlebotomy staffing companies have those of course, but they are also going to have short assignments, part time, temp and traveling work. You'll need to be responsive, flexible and up for something new. Pay is higher than what you're used to, but you'll have to be a great stick with a friendly personality. Apply today if you're looking for something new.